Cutting-edge research in a whole new light

A unique research instrument is to be built at DESY in Hamburg: the 3D X-ray microscope PETRA IV. Scientists from all over the world will conduct experiments here that can only be carried out at this facility. This will lead to a fundamentally new view of the world around us and a new quality of approaches for finding solutions to pressing questions in society.

Research areas

Using the ultrabright X-ray light, researchers want to investigate natural phenomena and technical processes in new dimensions – from the millimetre range down to the nanoscale. PETRA IV will provide insights and knowledge and help to clarify urgent questions for the future:


Research topics and news about developments in the project

Stephan Roth in the accelerator's work area
10.06.2022 PETRA IV

An alternative to plastic

Close up of a girder, an accelerator's substructure which carries the magnets.
16.06.2022 PETRA IV

The heart of PETRA IV

Testing the productivity of a solar cell.
10.06.2022 PETRA IV

Nanofactories for green hydrogen

Aerial view of the DESY campus in Hamburg

PETRA IV is to be built on the DESY campus in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld

The German Electron Synchrotron DESY has been operating its accelerator facilities there since 1959. For PETRA IV, the existing 2300-metre accelerator ring of the previous facility PETRA III will be modernised, and its instruments and infrastructure will be partially recycled.